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Shadowbunny Shop

ShAdOwBuNnYsHoP hOmE

how to order


If you dont see a "add to cart" button right by the item your looking at, then you must choose it from the drop down menu you see on whichever page the item is on. The reason why i do this is because i have alot of items that cost $1.00 and just combining them all into one drop down is alot easier than pasting a "add to cart" button on everything=^_^=

Either use the Paypal "Add to cart" buttons and pay with Paypal or send a check or money order to the address below:

Molly Phipps
1365 crews farm rd.
Kernersville, N.C.

When paying through mail:

You will need the following:
The item numbers of what it is you want, the quantity, and measurements (if needed). PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST BEFORE MAILING A PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE CUSTOM NEEDS. Some people like to send money for something with 2 stars on it but then request 5 more added... MORE WORK FOR ME = MORE MONEY FROM YOU. sorry but thats how i pay me bloody billz:P

For custom-sized orders: i need these measurements: Bust, armpit to waist, waist, hips, and the length (from the outside of your leg, not the inseam!) of your legs starting from the top of your hip all the way down to the top of your foot.

Shipping for custom orders will usually take no longer than 2 weeks to ship, keep in mind, however, i AM  a mommy AND  college student AND  a full-time musician, so if i think it may take longer i will let you know=^_^=

If you have a unique size like petite and scrawny or nice and plump (and believe me most women do) and you want something made in a different size than just small, medium, or large, just email me your measurements after ordering and ill make it to fit your size:) I am really tall and i know how it is when you order leggiez or skirts and they dont even cover your ankles:( so dont hesitate to ask for custom sizing, however it may take your item to ship at 2 weeks just like any other custom order! There is no extra charge for custom sizing unless its something made from the irredescent nylon (which is like 20 bucks a yard ack!!) & your wanting something made in that nylon in a huge size. The only thing that costs extra is when you need more stuff added to items, examples :more beads, more stars, more pockets, etc.

All other orders take just 5-7 days.

Shipping rates:

$ 0.01 - 3.00 $ = 1.00
$ 3.01 - 10.00 $=  2.00
$ 10.01 - 25.00 $=  3.50
$ 25.01 - 40.00 $=  4.50
$ 40.01 - and up=  $  6.00

Shadowbunny Shop Ships worldwide! If you are outside of the U.S.A., please email me for a shipping quote before ordering @ The prices above are for U.S.A. shipments ONLY. -I use U.S.P.S. for shipping because they now have a tracking system and lower insurance prices than other shipping companies have- I will ship your items using normal priority shipping. If you want it otherwise, please let me know. If you order outside of the U.S.A. please know that getting the package insured costs over $50. I have no idea why they charge so much for it like that, but thats how it is:( But if you dont want the package insured, then it will cost you not much more than the regular shipping prices:)

I do not give refunds but i will do exchanges if the clothing you send back is unworn and in new condition. If you are unhappy with your order just send it back and i will fix it or replace it for free. All sales are final for bracelets and other jewelry.

YES, I DO CUSTOM STUFF AS WELL! if ya got an idea and youre too busy to sew..just email me:)


Fashion designer, SHADOWBUNNY. (yes, i am a fellow wierdo)

If you send in pictures of you wearing clothes from my shop, YOU GET $5.00 OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OF $20.00 OR MORE. (mail orders only..unless you dont mind the annoying paypal refund process..) You may be featured in Shadowbunny's new shop gallery due open in '04!

If this page hasnt answered all of your questions just email me @