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ShAdOwBuNnYsHoP hOmE



This is a  LARGE bag, made of black, metallic looking, nylon. It is 13" from top to bottom & 16" wide! This was made big because from personal experience, normal messager bags were not ever quite big enough to carry my notebooks or sketchbooks:( This is great for artists as well as college students. It has an irredescent star with rainbow glitter trim, and rainbow glitter trim on the top flap. It has been double and in vital areas, TRIPLE stitched to hold up to nearly anything you can do to it. There are also cute itty bitty teeny tiny multi colored metallic hearts, stars, and moons detailing the corners of the top flap and next to the star. There are 2 pics to show you what it looks like it different light.



PacMan rings in size 4 & 8, $3.00 each!

PacMan rings! These are ****VERY**** rare, vintage, nearly impossible to find, PacMan rings straight from the good ol' old skool days! I have them in size 4 and in size 8! I honestly have no idea what theyre made of, they look like shiny metal but ive been wearing one for a couiple weeks now and it hasnt rusted or chipped like most metal rings. They stay shiny forever! I have lots so, order up & dont forget to get one for your buddies! ;)

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This is a ring made by Shadowbunny in which the artwork is done by Shadowbunny as well=^_^= Its of a cute lil' anime raver girly with rainbow hair & a binky. The image you see is of the artwork that is used to put inside a glass dome then put onto a metal, adjustable ring. VERY CUTE!

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